Bringing the real world into the safe environment of the classroom

Who We Are

Welcome to Free Market Services, LLC. My name is Brian Bean and I am the President and Founder. I am also the creator of the Real-World Classroom teaching model, which is the whole reason this company exists. Back in 2008 I was teaching science and in an effort to try and get ahead financially I naively invested in what eventually turned out to be an elaborate Ponzi scheme. As a result, I lost everything. Out of that experience I learned a number of things, but none more so than two very important facts:

  1. For an educated man, I didn’t know very much about the practical matters of personal finance.
  2. The education system of our country does not do a good enough job preparing people for the real world.

I set out to develop a teaching model designed to help students learn the valuable lessons life has to offer about personal finance and decision making.  I believe that the greatest educational experiences in life are a direct result of our own choices; life is the greatest teacher of all, but its tuition is expensive.

My teaching model provides a learning experience where students have the opportunity to make some of life’s biggest decisions, with actual consequences, but in the safe environment of a classroom. My goal is simple: rather than make students wait until they are in the real world playing marbles for keeps, let’s bring the real world into the classroom and let the real learning begin.


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to combat the economic crisis of future generations by preparing today’s youth for tomorrow’s financial decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide schools with the best resources available in order to give students an educational experience that will impact them for the rest of their lives.


The Real World Classroom is a unique teaching model based on decision-theory learning. The RWC turns any personal finance class into a role-playing game that students, teachers, and parents love. The model creates an environment where student choices dictate the learning experience. Lessons are continually being reinforced as each decision a student makes will have an impact throughout the course.


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