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What’s up with all these acronyms like FMES and RWC?

Honestly, a lot of that is a result of what domains were available to buy. FMES stands for Free Market Education and RWC stands for Real World Classroom. We originally thought about BBATM but my wife thought that Brian Bean’s Awesome Teaching Model was a bit pretentious.

If my school is approved for the pilot program, are we going to be charged anything?

Being accepted in the pilot program guarantees your school free access to all of our products and resources for the first year. If your school decides to renew its subscription with us, at that point there is an annual fee. However, pilot schools will receive an ongoing discount and renewal is optional.

How will I know if my school is approved for the pilot program?

We have received a lot of interest in the pilot program already and have a number of schools that we are considering. We are not putting a deadline on applications at this time and will review each school for approval as applications are submitted. You should receive an email from us within 5-10 business days of submitting your application letting you know how you stand.

I want to use the RWC but I have been teaching Personal Finance for a while now and I really like the materials I already use. Can I still use my own curriculum and the RWC at the same time?

Absolutely. Our curriculum provides everything a teacher would need to teach a personal finance course. However, we recognize that there are many brilliant educators out there who are already doing some fantastic things in their classrooms. The RWC was designed to augment and reinforce the teacher’s efforts, not replace them. If you like your lesson plans better, you may certainly use them and the RWC at the same time. In fact, if you have an activity or a project that has some real value, we would encourage you to share it with other teachers in the RWC community to create an overall better educational experience for everyone.

As a teacher, I am constantly worrying about having enough time to cover all the content required. How much time will I have to devote to the RWC?

One of the best parts about the RWC teaching model is that the model itself covers a tremendous amount of the state and core standards required in most personal finance classes. As a result, using the model actually frees the teacher up to spend more time in areas of interest and mastery.

 In a typical week, students will spend at least one day devoted to model-related activities. The rest of the week is spent with regular lessons, activities and assignments, and assessments according to your own plans. There are some units that will require more time spent in model-related activities, such as the home buying unit. But again, the activities and lessons spent covered during these units will be required material to cover anyway.

Do I need to teach in a computer lab to use the RWC?

Not necessarily. Students will need regular access to the internet. Most of the model-related activities that students do regularly can be done on their phones, tablets, and other smart devices with internet access. There are some lessons and activities that would be better taught with access to a regular computer, laptop, or Chromebook.

I understand that tacos show up in a lot of the PowerPoint presentations. Um… why?

Ok, it’s true. I do love me a delicious taco and I tend to reference them quite a bit, especially when it comes to budgeting and unnecessary spending. But you gotta give me a break. I live in south Texas and our tacos are AMAZING!!